Megan Thee Stallion’s “Love & Hip Hop” Audition Clip Has Surfaced

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Love & Hip Hop” Audition Clip Has Surfaced! Megan Thee Stallion predicted she’d be a “household name” in a new audition tape for VH1 reality series unveiled on Tuesday. Before her career took shape, she auditioned for Love & Hip Hop according to a clip of her pitch as shared by VH1 on Monday (January 11).

 In the clip Megan is seen to exude the same confidence and vibrant personality she boasts of today that has seen her command a Hottie empire and up to four Grammy nominations in her bag.

Meg  revealed that her mother was an artist and predicted what would eventually come true in her career today.

“Megan is gonna become a household name,” she boldly proclaimed. “When you’re talkin’ about those poppin’ rappers, I’m going to be in that conversation.”

Even though Megan wasn’t selected for the show, she didn’t need to go the reality TV route to achieve her own Hip-Hip career’s meteoritic rise she boasts of today.

Love and Hip-Hop is best known for launching Cardi B’s career shining in the in the New York Franchise from 2015-2017.

Last year, Cardi B, a Grammy award winner enlisted Megan for her critically-acclaimed sex-positive song WAP, which was the most streamed song of 2020 by a US female artist. 

2020 proved to be a good year for Meg, as the “Body ” hit maker dropped 3 Billboard No 1 hits and 8 Billboard top 10 songs.

Stallion’s hit Savage featuring Beyoncé is up for three trophies and she has been nominated for best new artist at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, set to be aired March 14 on CBS.

Here’s the clip;

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