Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian Lavish Christmas Gift Despite Imminent Divorce

Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian Lavish Christmas Gift Despite Imminent Divorce – with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce reportedly looming, it looks like Kanye doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be spending lavishly on his wife of  close to 7 years this holiday season. Want to take a guess what the gift was? Fret not, coz I’ll be telling you about that in a bit. But first, some details about looming divorce.

While reports indicate that the couple is headed toward an “imminent” divorce, it’s not all gloom and doom as far as the marriage is concerned.  They are currently considering marriage counselling in a bid to salvage their Union and chart the best way forward for their family. The celebrity couple is still on speaking terms even as they chart the way forward to determine the fate of their relationship.

 Reports by TMZ show that the reality TV star and beauty queen, woke up to Five brand new 2021 Mercedez Maybacks in the driveway Christmas morning courtesy of her husband (at least for the time- being)

The five luxury SUVs are estimated to be worth 200, 000 US Dollars each which means Kanye actually had to part ways with a cool 1 Million US Dollars.

Kim Kardashian was not left behind either. She also played Santa and gifted Kanye several James Turrell pieces of artwork. Kim Kardashian spent north of 1 Million US Dollars on the gifts as well. James Turrell is one of Kanye’s favorite artistes, having shot his Jesus Is King IMAX film at Turrell’s Roden Crater project in Arizona. The couple is reported to have spent Christmas together at their home in California with their four children.

Earlier in October 2020 Kanye gifted Kim a hologram of her late father while on Vacation on a private Island in Tahiti. Her late father, Robert Kardashian, famed for the role he played in O.J Simpson’s legal dream team during the murder trial, died in 2003 after suffering esophageal cancer.

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