Rappers On The Celebrity 100: The World’s Most Highest Paid Celebrities 2020

Forbes has just released a Celebrity 100 list. The list is of the top 100 most highest paid celebrities in the year 2020. The list consists of celebrities from different popular industries. The celebrities on the list range from actors, sportsmen, show hosts, singers, bands and more.

This year the combined amount of all the celebrities on the list is about 8.6 billion. The amount is just 200 million lesser than what they made last year. The celebrities who are from mostly the U.S. have tried to make their usual millions and secure their bags this year during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The highest payed celebrities have been part of many streams that are part of the entertainment industries even business. Their popularity has managed to cash them in many supporters that buy into their brands. Kanye who is the highest paid rapper at number 2 on the top 100 list is winning in terms of music and his Yeezy Sneakers. Other top tier rappers are part of the listing many other positions.

#2 Kanye West $170 Million

#28 Post Malone $60 Million

#42 Jay-Z $53.5 Million

#49 Drake $49 Million

#82 Travis Scott $39.5 Million

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