J Cole Opens Up About Signing Without Reading His Contract With Jay Z’s Rocnation

J Cole Opens Up About Signing Without  Reading His Contract With Jay Z’s Rocnation which was a suprise to many people who consider J Cole as one of the most educated rappers in the game, who also happens to have a college degree from  St. John’s University where he majored in communication and business and also graduated magna cum laude in 2007, with a 3.8 GPA.

In a detailed article he penned on his career J Cole wrote “Far from what I would have imagined, the actual moment of signing the contract was relatively unremarkable. Ib and I sat in a small, quiet conference room across from an associate of my fancy new lawyer. The mountain of papers in front of him included multiple copies of a record deal that I never actually read. The associate pointed at the area of each page that needed my signature, and when all the copies were signed, Ib and I probably dapped each other up and said some shit like, “Aight my dawg. Let’s get it.” With empty pockets, we hopped in the dented black Honda Civic and slid down to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to celebrate at a bar with some of our homeboys. RJ was in town, Mike Rooney was there, Proof fell through, Ted and Elite showed up. The sun was going down and the happy hour crowd was filling in. There was a surreal feeling that came with having just officially signed to Jay-Z. The man was a mythical figure to me that I had only met one time a few months prior”

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