50 Cent & Will Smith Beef Over Jada, Will gives 50 Cent The Middle Finger

Will Smith Gives 50 Cent The Middle Finger after the rapper asked about the red table interview and why Jada had to share aspects of her relationship with August publicly. 

In a screenshot shared by 50, The Candy shop rapper DM’ed Will asking him if he fine by saying “Yo Will you alright over there?” to which The Independence Day star replied: “Yes, I’m cool. I appreciate your support brother.”

50 Cent then inquired further on Jada’s comments about August and said : “But why did she tell you that s**t on a show for everyone to see?” Will then explained , “We broke up so she did her and I did me.” 

50 being 50 went on to say “”Then she said ony SHE can given permission for somebody to blow her back out,” to which Will responded “F**k you 50,” leaving the rapper shocked and replying: “Wait, what I do?”

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