Saweetie Throws Shade At Quavo In New Video!

Saweetie Throws Shade At Quavo In New Video! Rappers Saweetie and Quavo officially announced their split a few weeks ago, taking their dirty linen to social media in a messy break up. Saweetie called out Quavo, accusing him of cheating on her with multiple women. That was the beginning of a back-and-forth feudl on Twitter with both sides getting equally petty.

 The recent weeks, have seen Quavo throw some major shade at Saweetie in a few new music previews, subliminally dissing the Icy Girl. A video also emerged that shows a physical altercation between the two rappers while inside an elevator, that was reportedly taken during their relationship. Saweetie now appears to have taken her latest shot in response to all the drama at last.

Saweetie hopped onto social media posting a brand new promotional video for her sunglasses in collaboration with Quay Australia. The video sees the rapper correcting her fans on the pronunciation of the brand’s name. While many people have incorrectly pronounced Quay over time, Saweetie was on a public sensitization mission to ensure that she isn’t constantly reminded of her ex.

Throwing on her Quay sunglasses in style, Saweetie came face to face with a high-tech futuristic mirror that spoke to her. “Hello, I love those Quay glasses on you, Saweetie,” said the robot mirror, mispronouncing the brand as “Kway,” which is the same way Quavo’s name sounds. “Kway? Girl, this is Quay,” said the rapper, correcting the mirror and using the correct pronunciation as “Key.” 

Many people have weighed in on the shade being thrown here, commenting that the 27-year-old artist isn’t that slick. Nevertheless, they seemed to acknowledge that she can take shade and throw it right back though.

Check out the video below.

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