Kanye West Documentary With ‘Never Before Seen Footage’ Lands At Netflix In Highly Lucrative Deal!

Kanye West Documentary With ‘Never Before Seen Footage’ Lands At Netflix In Highly Lucrative Deal! A Kanye West documentary will be coming to Netflix later this year. According to a report by Billboard, the streaming giant had the opportunity to acquire the archival footage from directors Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah for over $30 million. The documentary is a chronicle of Kanye’s decorative 2o-plus year career with rare clips and never-before-seen videos dating back to the 1990s.

Coodie and Chike are said to be behind two early videos of Kanye West for “Through the Wire” and the third iteration of “Jesus Walks,” as directors. The duo has been shooting the rapper since he was an unknown just struggling to make a name for himself in Chicago back in the 1990s. The untitled project is set to delve deeper into Kanye West’s rise to fame besides his impact on music and pop culture, not forgetting the directors’ relationship with the Hip-Hop mogul.

Further reports by Billboard have also revealed that the multi-part docuseries is set to shed more light on how Donda West’s passing back in 2007 changed the trajectory of Kanye’s Hip-Hop career, while at the same time delving into his lucrative fashion ambitions and his short-lived failed attempt to become president of the United States last November. Though Kanye West isn’t involved in the production himself but has allegedly signed off on the duo filming him.

Coodie and Chike have previously directed 30 for 30‘s Benji for ESPN back in 2012, which highlighted the death of Chicago high school phenom Ben Wilson. The duo also helmed 2019’s A Kid From Coney Island documentary whose focus was on the life of former NBA superstar Stephon Marbury.

With the multi-part series expected to land on Netflix’s platform later in the year, another documentary is reportedly being shopped in Hollywood surrounding Kanye West by his former bodyguard who goes by the name Steve Stanulis. Stanulis was allegedly part of Kanye’s security team back in 2016.

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