Lil Wayne Announces New Young Money Compilation Album

Lil Wayne Announces New Young Money Compilation Album! Lil Wayne has always been known to be such a hard worker who doesn’t pay much attention to what happens around him and that doesn’t appear likely to change in the near future. To prove those who might think differently oof him wrong, the rapper is already down on another new project, as confirmed recently during an appearance on Fox Sports Radio’s “Up On Game” podcast. As reported by HHNM, Lil Wayne announced his intention to highlight the new voices of Young Money, akin to what he once did with the Rise Of The Empire, a 2014 compilation.

Lil Wayne Announces New Young Money Compilation Album

 Following a lengthy conversation on matters sports, Wayne shifts the attention to music, sharing about some of his forthcoming endeavors, which include a music video for his latest single. “I have something out with a beautiful artist from LA, Foushee,” the rapper explains. “It’s called “Ain’t Got Time.” She has her own stuff about to come out, we about to shoot that. That collaboration, I’m so proud of that. She’s super talented.” 

“Young Money, you already know I got a bunch of young artists,” he continues “We post a lot of the new artists, but we about to put the compilation out, that’s something with everybody so they can start putting their compilations out as well.” When the hosts wanted to know what his favorite song stemming from his entire discography is, Wayne opted to keep the listeners guessing. “My favorite song is the one I recorded last night,” he teased, before giving out the title to be “Rocket Fire.”  While it remains unclear as to when we are likely to be seeing both “Rocket Fire” and Weezy’s upcoming Young Money compilation, it is certain that 2021 will be yet another strong year for the legendary rapper and his label. Be sure to listen in to the full interview below.

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