Juice WRLD’s “Conversations” Video Showcases Rapper’s Freestyle Prowess

Juice WRLD’s “Conversations” Video Showcases Rapper’s Freestyle Prowess! Juice WRLD’S Music video for “Conversations”, is out now! Juice WRLD‘s management has officially dropped the music video which sees the late Chicago rapper freestyling in his tour bus.

Juice WRLD's "Conversations" Video Showcases Rapper's Freestyle Prowess

Despite the rapper’s untimely passing on toward the end of 2019, Juice WRLD has remained one of hip hop’s most relevant artists commercially. And while the rapper’s absence clearly remains felt by millions of fans, Juice’s camp has been good at keeping his memory alive through posthumous music. Juice and Young Thug shared a moment recently, with the release of the anticipated “Bad Boy“.

 The “Conversations” video, which was directed by Steve Cannon, comes with some unseen footage of the late rapper in studio with his tour bus, side by side with scenes of dirt bikers pulling off some impressive stunts. After the song is done playing out, Juice WRLD emerges on his bus with a group of friends hyping him up while he freestyles. He starts off by finding his flow and redoing the same line a couple of times before he gets to the point where he starts feeling himself, taking off with lyrics that speak about his fashion and more. “Pull up and I shoot your b*tch right in her breast, I don’t got respect, n***a, I disrespect,” he spits, which seemingly gets him really going on a tangent.

“Conversations” was recently certified platinum at the beginning of this month, so it makes sense that Lil Bibby and everybody else on Juice’s team would want to release something special.

Juice WRLD was undoubtedly the best freestyler of his generation. The late Chicago rapper could come up with hit songs off the dome, freestyling many of the songs on his “Death Race For Love” album and showcasing his skills on multiple occasions.

During his appearances on radio, he proved the fact that he was the Freestyle King, outclassing other artists of the youthful rap game with bars that truly made sense and came naturally to him. Juice went in for more than an hour, doing light work over “My Name Is” and other classic beats.

Check out the official “Conversations” video below by Juice WRLD.

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