Offset Off To A Romantic Valentine’s Day Baecation With Cardi B & Kulture!

Offset Off To A Romantic Valentine’s Day Baecation With Cardi B & Kulture! So Valentine’s Day is here with us and while most people are gifting their loved ones with roses, cakes, jewelry and chocolate Offset has set the bar too high by surprising his wife Card B with a vacation to the island. It’s said that the rapper had been planning the trip for a while and kept it a secret from his wife until a few days prior to leaving.

Offset Off To Valentine’s Day Baecation With Cardi B & Kulture

Offset rented out a private villa beautified with red roses, a 24-hour staff, including personal chefs and babysitters. The Migos rapper also got a ton of Valentine’s gifts for both Cardi and daughter which he is to present to his family followed by a private dinner later on today.

In a series of videos, the rapper took fans on a tour of their private villa posted Cardi B’s Instagram Story. She was obviously swept off her feet by the Atlanta rapper. “You did this for me babe?” she asked, to which Offset replied, “Yes.” She added, “This is so beautiful. I feel loved, guys.”

Offset also posted a clip of himself and his daughter Kulture walking on the white sandy beach. Clearly, they are enjoying the warm Caribbean weather, away from the cold weather in Atlanta currently.

From the look of things, the couple is in a better place right now following a near divorce in September last year when Cardi B abruptly filed for divorce in Atlanta. They however managed to patch things up and have been quietly working on their marriage since then.

Prior to the trip Cardi B was criticized after she posted a series of tweets saying that men deserve gifts on Valentine’s too but the gift should be less expensive than the lady’s gift. She was accused of hypocrisy, with fans alleging that she’s been very generous towards Offset over the years.

“Yes ! Men do deserve to get gift as well for Valentine’s Day,but the gift have to be less expensive then the girls gift . Soo if he buys you flowers you buy him grass. (sic)”

She wrote: “Ok so due to my Vday tweet men came on my twitter roasting me sayin “but you bought your man a lambo but remember…I got 550K ring on my left hand ,400k ring on my right ,Thousands of dollars In Birkins ,soo much jewelry, a lambo truck and rollsRoyce truck we even in gifts”

“So if ya don’t like the flowers & grass comparisons let me give ya one that make men happy.If you buy her thousand dollars Louboutin heels she should buy you a ps5 that’s around 550$ .It’s fair …now if you think your gift should cost more then ur girl gift you are just a b**** (sic)”

While on vacation, Cardi tweeted that she forgot to bring her Old Bay with her on the trip. And no, she wasn’t talking about her ex; she meant the iconic Old Bay seasoning.

Below is a footage from the vacation;
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