Post Malone Helps Give Away 10,000 Pairs Of Footwear To Health Workers

Post Malone Helps Give Away 10,000 Pairs Of Footwear To Health Workers! With the recent happenings in the US including the MAGA Capitol riots followed by Donald Trump’s impeachment for inciting an insurrection dominating the airwaves, it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic has been forgotten.

COVID-19 nonetheless, is still wreaking havoc across the country as infection numbers and death totals continue to rise.

With distribution of vaccines to citizens having started, support for the frontline workers is of utmost importance.

Musicians On Call, a nonprofit organization and the Colorado-based Crocs brand have begun a campaign to distribute footwear to frontline workers.

“The stress of the pandemic on staff in all sections of the hospital has been immense and we are doing what we can to continue bringing them the joy of live music.”

“We are so grateful to Post Malone and Crocs for joining us in providing even more relief when they need it the most through this generous donation,” said Musicians On Call President/CEO Pete Griffin.

The shoes are being given to frontline caregivers, housekeeping staff, and other healthcare workers who take care of patients in various units including COVID-19, oncology, ICU, cardiac, pediatrics, surgical care, hospice, and more.

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