Kaiya And Just Brittany Respond After Rick Ross’ Clip Goes Viral

Kaiya And Just Brittany Respond After Rick Ross’ Clip Goes Viral! Colorism has been a hot topic this past week after DaniLeigh released her new track, “Yellow Bone.” Before the colorism debate settles, another viral clip has resurfaced showing how colorism plays a role in lighter skinned women, having access to more opportunities in what can be termed as the “light skin privilege.” 

The clip which resurfaced from Rick Ross’ 2017 TV show “Signed,” went viral mamking Rick Ross to trend on Twitter for days. The Clip shows Rick Ross, The-Dream, and Lenny S who were judges back then in search of a new R&B star that would be signed to Roc Nation, MMG, or Radio Killa Records. In the clip, Rick Ross is seen stopping Kaiya a highly talented lady claiming something’s wrong with her voice and preferring Britanny over her, the color of her skin definitely playing a huge role.

Kaiya, who performed her song after Britanny in the clip, recently spoke to The ShadeRoom about the viral video and the issue of colorism. 

“The resurfacing of the video is so surreal,” Kaiya said. “I’m humbled that a lot of people have come out in support of my journey. Colorism is a topic that needs to be discussed wholly and not summed up in one response, but it’s very disheartening to know so many go through this male or female.”

She said, “To pin Black women and men against one another, or make it where some are seen superior is sad. As the years go on, I hope it’s being addressed and rectified in the future.”

Although the clip presented the perception of negativity towards Kaiya, she still had good things to talk about her experience on the show. 

“I’ve met some really talented people, we have developed friendships, and keep in touch,” she said. “The guidance and critiques, I’ve received on my overall performance have been invaluable.”

After hearing Kaiya’s light and unique vocals, many wondered what else the singer may have in store. 

“I’ve never stopped performing,” she said. “I’m currently writing original songs. I’m also reaching out to other songwriters and producers. I’m perfecting my sound every day. I’m achieving this by taking personal experiences, over the years, and putting them to music”.

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Just Brittany, the first woman to perform in the clip, spoke out about the clip resurfacing and admitted that colorism exists in the industry. 

This is what Kaiya had for aspiring artists. “Keep grinding,” she said. “Stay motivated and focused. Always work on improving your brand, which is you. Collab! Collab!! Collab!!! This is essential because of your exposure to others, who are in the business, and the invaluable connections made.”

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