Take a Ride to Hell and Back with Emerging Artist Gatto’s Debut Album “Welcome to Hell”

LA’s new hit artist Gatto is thrilled to announce the release of his debut album, “Welcome to Hell”, available now on all platforms.

Listen here:

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“Welcome to Hell” is a Hip-Hop/Rap album that encapsulates the essence of life — the beauty and evil. In the album, Gatto discusses the ups and downs in life, from the brightest of times, to the darkest of them. The album includes the singles “At the Gates” and “Sidekick”, with a music video directed by Space Jam 2’s Collin Miller, accompanying the former.

Starting with an upbeat tone, with songs like “Sparkles” and “Sergio”, the album delivers to those pregaming a legendary night out, but once the eerie interlude “Everything Burns” hits, the tone fully shifts into a dark and moody tone, with songs like “Requiem” and “Fire” sure to put you in your feels.

Hailing originally from Boston, Gatto is an Independent Artist and Producer currently based in Los Angeles. He started his musical career in a dorm room at Arizona State University, taking influence from numerous genres, such as Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Electronic.

“This project took me almost a year to make and I couldn’t be more excited for it to finally hit,” said Gatto, “I think there is a song in there for everyone. No matter what vibe you seek, there is something for you”.

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