LL Cool J Calls Out Kanye West For Peeing On His Grammy Award

LL Cool J Calls Out Kanye West For Peeing On His Grammy Award. LL Cool J took offense after Kanye urinated on his Grammy award to make a statement about the music industry. Cool J shared on how he feels about Kanye’s actions and he that he thinks a little too far and then he should have decided on taking another approach.

LL Cool J shared during an interview with Desus & Mero this past Thursday. Cool J opened up about Kanye and he shared on how much he was disrespected by what he did on the gramophone he gained in hip hop. In the interview he shared about many personal aspects regarding his career byt many caught attention on how he called Ye out.

The rapper and presenter came forward to make it clear that he was offended by Kanye West urinating on his Grammy Award as part of his provocative posts which he shared o Twitter. Kanye has been on a mission to transform the music industry i many ways. It seems along with the rapper bashing record labels he had a lotto say about the Grammy awards.

The 52 year old rapper shared during the interview and said “With all due respect, I think Kanye should just, you know…maybe he should just piss in a Yeezy or something instead of pissing on a Grammy. Piss in a pair of one them Yeezy’s B,”, he further added”I felt some kind of way about that sh*t. I didn’t love that sh*t because I’ve hosted the Grammy’s for five years. The Grammys didn’t get everything right, buy they didn’t get everything wrong either”.

The Hip Hop legend continued to share that he does not understand the disrespect by Kanye. He also said he still acknowledges the foul things around the Grammy’s which have happened to many artists, he added that the Grammy’s are flawed in many ways. The rapper referenced an incident where Jay-Z was stubbed an award and that made him see that the Grammy’s were not perfect, he just strongly hoped that Kanye would have decided to urinate on something else and not his gramophone award.

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