Outkast’s Andre 3000 Recalls The Car Crash That Nearly Ended His Life

Outkast’s Andre 3000 Recalls The Car Crash That Nearly Ended His Life. Andre 3000 looked back and told the story of the nearly fatal car crash that nearly ended his life. The crash had been one were their lives got luckily saved and they had been hospitalized. The musician shared this story as he is soon to release a book with details of his life encounters.

Andre 3000 had been recently interviewed by Mike Ayers, in the interview the “Hey Ya” musician shared details about a time where he nearly lost his life. Andre got candid about the accident that took place many years ago when he was a child. Luckily the musician is still alive to tell the story.

The Atlanta songwriter shared and said “When I was younger, me and my friends were in a car accident. We were riding with my friend’s mom, but we were so young, we didn’t know what happened until we woke up in the hospital”. The nearly fatal crash ended in a less severe note when Andre and his friends were rescued.

The car crash had took place in Andre’s hometown Atlanta and luckily one man had saved the, The man had been there with one of the first working cell phones and he had manged to call for an ambulance. The 45 year old singer recalls the cell phone which the man had used to call for help.

More personal stories about Andre 3000’s life are set to feature in his upcoming book which is titled One Last Song; Conversations On Life, Death, and Music. The artist has ventured a few times in the book industry and his new book is soon to be available.

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