Hit-Boy Reveals Why Kanye West Stopped Working With Him

Hit-Boy Reveals Why Kanye West Stopped Working With Him. Hit-Boy has just spilled the tea on what happened between him and Ye. It seems that tge two has a slight fall out after the rapper had a juicy reason on why he stopped choosing his beats. Even though the two had worked together for various songs they stopped due to the fact that Hit-Boy produced for another major artist.

Hit-Boy took to social media on Instagram to share a surprising revelation on why he stopped working with Kange West. The producer shared that he is not fully fond of Ye and that he stopped working with him cause he made a song with Beyonce.

Kanye West just had decided to longer use the super producers beats cause he worked with the female superstars that he had a fall out with. Kanye acted out of hisbown intent and told Hit-Boy that he will not choose his beats cause of Beyonce.

The Grammy Award winning producer wrote a length caption Instagram after posting a screenshot of one of Kanye’s tweets, he wrote ” I haven’t been a fan of Kanye in a personal/human level since he told me face to face he stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyonce”. He said Kanye told him this after he had produced a number of songs for Ye such as “N*ggas In Paris”.

Even though Hit-Boy has shared his reasons of no longer working with Kanye he has shared that he agrees with a few things that the rapoer has shares on his Twitter rants. As Kanye has been on about freeing his people from being enslaved by labels and contracts. Hit-Boy says he has also been signed to unfair contracts from when he was 19 years old.

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