Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mother Addresses August Alsina Affair

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mother Addresses August Alsina Affair. Adrienne Benfield -Norris, who is Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother posted a cryptic message which may seem to be about her daughters affair with August Alsina.

The Jada and August affair has been hot news, as August Alsina had shared in an interveiw the details about his alleged relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. For years the world had known that August and Jada had a close friendship.

Jada and her husband Will Smith are said to have now be in a partnership and not an intimate relationhip, this then allowed Jada to have an affair with hip hop singer August Alisna. Will and Jada have denied everything in terms of the affair and said in it is totally not true.

Jada’s mother recently posted a message on Instagram and broken the silence regarding her daughters alleged affair. The message talks about how people are placed on high pedestal and are thought to not have mistakes, when they actually also have flaws. She is said to be talking about her daughter and what is said about her could be considered as a honest flaw and imperfection.

“Get rid of the pedestal you put people on. Recognize that people are only people with flaws and imperfections just like you and me. do that and you’ll be much happier, cause guess what??? They already are! Sleep well, beloveds #keepitpushin’,” the message reads.

Although this message does not explicitly state that it is about August And Jada many commentators have said this is her official response to the situation.

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