Eminem Is Stressing Over What Mariah Carey Will Uncover About Him In Her Upcoming Memoir

Eminem Is Stressing Over What Mariah Carey Will Uncover About Him In Her Upcoming Memoir. Eminem is worried about what Mariah Carey will write about him in her new upcoming book. The singer is planning to reveal all details about every aspect of her life in the book.

Mariah Carey is to release a book titled The Meaning Of Mariah Carey which will be a memoir, the book is to reveal personal details of her life. Since rapper Eminem apparently had a relationship with her, he is worried on what will be uncovered about him in the book.

The “Kamikaze” rapper had what was described as a apparent toxic relationship with Mariah. The relationship took place many years ago and is a part of the ‘We Belong Together’ singer’s story. Eminem revealed to a source that shared with US Weekly that he is stressed that Mariah is going to say negative things about him.

The rapper is concerned that he will be categorized as a selfish lover, who did not perform well in bed. The ‘I’m Not Afraid’ rapper’s ‘bed performance’ is something that he is insecure about and Mariah knows that, she might just deliberately put that in her book knowing it will paint him in a bad light.

Many are still questioning if the “Butterfly” singer will have a chapter dedicated to Eminem in her memoir. The chapter then also confirm the unconfirmed rumors that the two had a relationship in the early 2000s. The Billboard topping rapper has also been a feud with Mariah’s ex-husband Nick Cannon due to the drama of him claiming to have a relationship with her. Fans will be able to read how the book turns out in September 2020.

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