50 Cent Throws Furniture At Man In Restaurant

50 Cent Throws Furniture At Man In Restaurant. The rapper was spotted on footage reacting quickly during an altercation with a man at a restaurant. The rapper truly showed that he really does not take nonsense.

On Wednesday night on the 8th of June, 50 Cent was caught up in an incident at a patio of Edgewaters Commons Mall. The G-Unit Record founder was also spotted sitting at the area having dinner with an unidentified woman. Things then escalated when a man walked up to 50 and had a quick exchange with the rapper.

The minute long video footage posted by TMZ showed how things then turned out violent between the two . The man approached the rapper with a hostile attitude, he was being rude and filming the rapper. The same man in the video had been identified to be harassing 50 last year at a movie theatre.

The “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” rapper grabbed a table and propelled it at the man’s direction, the table hit a Lexus car nearby. Then 50 picked up a chair and threw it towards the man.

The rappers reaction showed that he does not take any smoke from anyone and that he reacted out of anger and being irritated. A case has not been opened in regards to the incident. 50 Cent has not made any comments about what happened that evening.

Video by TMZ!

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