Wiz Khalifa Having Issues With Wearing Masks!

Wiz Khalifa Having Issues With Wearing Masks! American rapper Wiz Khalifa is now caught up in an issue where he had been seen to be making controversial commentary on twitter about wearing masks during the Covid 19 pandemic.

On the 23rd of June 2020 he tweeted. “Y’all can have can have the masks fam.” People found what he had been saying and seemed as if he had been making sarcastic remark.

Masks are very crucial to been worn during this time of a virus crises. There has been slight movement in the USA when people say that they do not want to wear masks, it seems as if rapper Wiz Khalifa is in that boat with the movement.

Many people gave their say when blasting at Wiz Khalifa for his tweet that was somewhat seen as ignorant.

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