Blac Chyna Launches Rap Career With First Single ‘Seen Her’!

Blac Chyna Launches Rap Career With First Single ‘Seen Her’! Angela Renee White who is professionally known as Blac Chyna is launching her rap career by releasing her first single called Seen Her.

Blac Chyna earlier in 2018 had been attempting at her music career. Now in 2020 she is back at it with a new single. She had been posting teasers of the new single for over a few weeks on Twitter. Seen Her is song where Blac Chyna raps and spits rhymes where she is bragging about herself.

In one of the song lyrics Blac Chyna says, ” Triill b*tch I’m the type you wait your whole life for…The type your hubbie leave you just for one night”. The hook of the song says, “There go that b*tch, I know you seen her”.

As this is not her first attempt at music, in 2018 she had released a single called Deserve with Yo Gotti and Jeremih. She stated in a previous magazine interviews 2 years ago that she wants her music to “blow peoples socks off”.

Outside of music the 32-year-old is making other moves, as recently she is the executive producer of a docuseries about the adult site OnlyFans. The docuseries is called OnlyCam LA and is streaming on the Zeus Network.

The music video of Seen Her was released on the 29th of June. The music video is well shot and has visuals of Blac Chyna rapping in vintage and modern cars. The song and music video was released on the same day.

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