Tory Lanez announced that he will be going live soon to announce his upcoming artists

Tory recently announced on instagram that he will be going live for the business side of music. He further said that on the live he will be announcing his upcoming artists as well as some of his peers. He will also be giving them advice on how they can make smart decisions and avoid bad ones.

He also asks fans if he she go ahead and do it.

 “TO MY FANS ONLY …. I was thinking of going live one day , and putting all my upcoming artist .. and peers on to some game about the BUSINESS SIDE OF MUSIC , and how they can make the smartest decisions and avoid the bad ones … I think it would give y’all ALOT of insight … would y’all be down for that ? …. If I should drop 🧠 in the comments if not drop 🧢”

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